WHAT IS JUNEAU CRIME LINE? It is a community service, incorporated as a non-profit organization, dedicated to helping local law enforcement agencies solve crimes.

WHEN WAS JUNEAU CRIME LINE STARTED? Juneau Crime Line has been operating since 1981. It is one way for the Juneau community to take a more pro-active involvement in reducing crime. Juneau residents, the Juneau Empire newspaper, and the Anchorage Crime Stoppers organization, were the primary motivating forces for the birth of Juneau Crime Line.

HOW IS JUNEAU CRIME LINE ORGANIZED? Juneau Crime Line consists of a board of directors that is composed of a cross-section of the community. A once a month meeting is held. The operating by-laws are essentially the same as hundreds of other Crime Line, Crime Stoppers, and Silent Witness organizations throughout the United States, and many other countries.

HOW DOES CRIME LINE HELP SOLVE CRIMES? Juneau Crime Line publicizes, and asks for any information on recent crimes as requested by Juneau area police.

HOW ARE THE CRIMES PUBLICIZED? Local newspapers such as the Juneau Empire, and Capital City Weekly, donate space for the featured crime of week.. Juneau area radio stations, such as KINY/KSUP, KJNO, and KTOO donate time for public service announcements.

WHAT SPECIAL SERVICE DOES JUNEAU CRIME LINE OFFER? Juneau Crime Line offers two very important incentives to those who wish to pass on information to help solve crimes that the police are unable to offer. One is anonymity. The second is the possibility of a monetary reward .

HOW DOES THE ANONYMITY PART WORK? When submitting an Online Tip to the Juneau Crime Line onilne tip site, anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the tipster tips will go to a Juneau police department dispatcher. There is absolutely no requirement to identify yourself and no tracing of the tip. The dispatcher simply takes the information, determines if a case needs to be made immediatly and assigned to an officer, or forwards the tip to Criminal Investigation Unit for follow-up.  

WHY IS THIS ANONYMITY SO IMPORTANT? Interestingly enough, it turns out that a large percentage of Crime Line callers are not interested in a reward. The motivation is more a moral obligation, or at least a sense of being a responsible citizen, and doing their civic duty. Apparently, these tipsters just do not wish to be involved beyond providing information to solve a crime. Specifically, they do not want to be formally interviewed by the police, or have to testify in court. Often, this is because family members, neighbors, friends, or co-workers may be involved.

WHICH CRIMES ARE ELIGIBLE FOR A CASH REWARD? The featured crime of the week is always advertized as being eligible for a reward. And, the drunk driving program has a standard $100 reward. The special graffiti program, sponsored by the City and Borough of Juneau, also pays $100.  Information on illegal Oxycontin activity can be rewarded by $1500. Actually, any information that helps solve any crime can be considered for a reward by the Juneau Crime Line board of directors. Determination of reward eligibility, and amount, is done on a case, by case, basis with up to $1,000 available. Crimes involving personal injury, breaking into homes, stolen firearms, drugs, or large dollar value of stolen property generally rate the highest rewards.

HOW MUCH CAN THE REWARD BE? Normally, for most crimes the rewards are limited to a maximum of $1,000. However, there can be special cases, such as the unsolved Johnny Jack, and Cindy Elrod murders, where Juneau Crime Line, and others have pledged $10,000, or more.

DOES THE PERPETRATOR HAVE TO BE CONVICTED FOR A REWARD TO BE PAID? In a word, NO. If the information is sufficient to result in a warrant for arrest, or a Grand Jury indictment, reward eligibility is met, even if the suspect flees and is not arrested, or is not convicted in a court of law.

HOW ARE THE REWARDS PAID? If a Tip is eligible for a reward, it will be listed on this site under the "Eligible Reward Tip Numbers" tab. The Tipster will need to log on to  using the log on information they created when they submitted the tip to check and see if  their tip is eligible for a reward.  Some tips provide quick results others sometimes take a longer.  Not all tips are fruitful therefore not all tips are eligible for a reward.

HOW DOES THE DRUNK DRIVER REWARD PROGRAM WORK? This is the most successful program of Juneau Crime Line. A $100 reward is paid to anyone reporting an obviously drunk driver to the Crime Line number. This program takes about 20 drunk drivers per year off the road before they can harm themselves, or others. It is a real time, "where the rubber meets the road ", way to save lives. This program has been operating for over 20 years. Even a most conservative estimate is that it has likely saved one or more lives, numerous injuries, and significant property damage. It is a very complimentary program to the legislative and educational program of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, and the educational, treatment, and enforcement efforts of the State of Alaska, and the City and Borough of Juneau.

WHERE DOES THE REWARD MONEY COME FROM? All the funds for Juneau Crime Line, including the rewards paid, are donations from businesses, and individuals in Alaska. These donations are IRS tax deductible as a charitable gift to a non-profit corporation. Juneau Crime Line has no paid employees, and most of the other operational expenses, such as postage and copy services, etc., are also donated. Anyone wishing to support our programs can mail a check made out to Juneau Crime Line, Inc. at:    P.O. Box 20141, Juneau AK 99802.

HOW CAN I FIND OUT MORE ABOUT JUNEAU CRIME LINE? Please check our web site at: Or, write to: Juneau Crime Line, Inc P.O. 20141 Juneau AK 99802