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Our friends at the Juneau Police Department would like to introduce you to their newest team member - K9 “Dax.”
Officer Michael Wise attended a month-long specialized training course with Dax and returned to work this week. Dax is a 1-year-old Yellow Lab trained in narcotics detection work, scent discrimination trailing, and article searches. Dax loves attention, gets along with K9 Buddy well, and will live, play, and work closely with his handler as he learns the ropes.


Thank you for all that attended our cruise - it went great!

Join us on our Annual Wildlife Cruise Fundraiser on July 9th 1:45 - 5:00 pm!





Juneau Crime Line


See Something, Say Something

If you see or hear something, please say something.


It is important to share information in order to protect our community and promote school safety. If you have information about something you’re concerned about, you can report it online and remain anonymous.


Scan the QR code above to get to Juneau Crime Line’s P3 online Tip program where you can submit information. You can also download the “P3 Tips” app onto your smartphone. Remember that you can choose to remain anonymous while you help keep Juneau safe.


Juneau Crime Line is a nonprofit community-based organization that is a member of Crime Stoppers International.

Visit us at http://juneaucrimeline.com/




Submitted 2/3/2022 by Juneau Crime Line.

If need be, contact Juneau Crime Line President, Robin Paul at 907-723-6155

Juneau Crime Line / Crime Stoppers announces
the P3 
Crime Tips App is Now Available in Juneau

“P3 Tips”, a free smartphone app, is now available for people to easily and anonymously report tips on crime in Juneau, Southeast Alaska, other states and even other countries.

This app is available to Juneau Crime Line users because Juneau Crime Line is a member of Crime Stoppers USA. The P3 Tips app has become the standard in Tip management for over 400 Crime Stoppers programs around the world. As lauded on the developer’s website, as long as “website address instructions are used, tips are passed through a software program that removes all sender information. A tipster’s identity is never known to Crime Stoppers or any law enforcement officer/investigator”. “CrimeStoppers needs the information you have regarding crimes and criminals, not your name.”

The P3 Tips application-based format allows residents to take advantage of new options yet remain anonymous when reporting an incident. Juneau Crime Line is encouraging residents to download the P3 Tips app in case it is ever needed. Users have the ability to share their name through tips provided on the app, or they may remain unidentified if desired.

The application is available for Apple and Android devices. Simply search for “P3 Tips” where you would normally download an app to your smart device. Juneau Crime Line President Robin Paul said that the set-up is simple, and users are guided through the whole process, including specifying Juneau Crime Line as their primary law enforcement conduit.

Once the application is set up, users can choose from a variety of categories (Arson, Assault, Burglary, Drugs, Forgery, Homicide, Robbery, Theft, Sexual Assault, and other crimes) to identify the nature of the Tip, thereby allowing the information to be more easily channeled to the proper authorities.

Another added feature is the ability to attach photos to tips, as well as the ability to track the progress of a tip after it has been reported. If Juneau Crime Line needs to get back in touch with the person sending the tip, it will also be handled through the application, anonymously.

The “P3 Tips” app is one of two programs offered by Juneau Crime Line through which the public can provide Tips on crime. In addition to the P3 app, Juneau Crime Line offers a phone number which you can call to report a Tip. That number is 907-523-7700. Juneau Crime Line reminds the public that the P3 app and the Tip Line phone number should not be used for emergencies. In those instances, dial 911 directly.


Juneau Police Department narcotics dog Buddy and handler Officer Mike Wise pose with Buddy’s new kennel, assembled with funds raised by the Juneau Crime Line. (Courtesy photo / Robin Paul)


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Anonymous Tip Phone Line



Juneau Crime Line / Crime Stoppers


JPD DARE School Program

This past summer, Juneau Crime Line / Crime Stoppers held a fun Whale Watch Fundraiser, thanks to the generous donation of the cruise from Allen Marine Tours. The Crime Line Board dedicated that event to the memory of Kathy Hildre, a zealous and dedicated Board Member, who had a passion for the well-being of Juneau’s youth. Crime Line also pledged that, in Kathy’s honor, a portion of those proceeds would be donated to a program that benefited both Juneau’s youth and supported the community outreach efforts of the Juneau Police Department.  The program chosen was the JPD sponsored DARE program that two JPD officers (Officers Blain Hatch and John Cryderman) organize.  


As noted on the JPD website, the D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Program “is a school-based drug education program developed to help prevent drug abuse.  This ten (10) week program places uniformed officers in the city's elementary schools' fifth grade classes, teaching children the facts concerning drug and alcohol abuse and strategies on how to resist the temptation to try them.  This program also promotes self-esteem and enhances decision making skills.” 


Officer Hatch is an ardent supporter of the DARE program, not only for the program’s life lessons, but also because he feels it lets kids get to know police officers in a friendly environment. He shared that the friendship and trust built from the program remains for years and that kids he met through the program years ago still communicate with him. 

The DARE program costs approximately $4,000 a year to operate, and Crime Line presented a check for $1,000 to Officer Hatch. Kathy’s son, Jimmy Hildre, was on hand for the check presentation in December and reiterated his Mom’s passion for Crime Line and that Crime Line’s support for the DARE youth program was a fitting tribute to her.

Juneau Crime Line / Crime Stoppers is a local non-profit group comprised of local all-volunteer citizens and is entirely funded by local contributions. More information about the Reward Programs supported by Juneau Crime Line / Crime Stoppers can be found at JuneauCrimeLine.com. You can also follow us on FaceBook at Juneau Crimeline. Thanks to Allen Marine Tours, Inc., Juneau Crime Line will again be hosting a Whale Watching Fundraising Cruise on May 18, 2018.

From Left to Right: Board Members Bob Kanan, Robin Paul, Eric Hansen, Kathy Hildre’s son Jimmy Hildre, Officer Blain Hatch, Board Members Jessica Paul, Mindy Rowland, and Shawn Hooton.



Juneau businesses and individuals that have been victims of a crime and wish to offer a reward specifically aimed at catching the perpetrators can obtain extra help from Juneau Crime Line – Crime Stoppers.

We can partner with other reward offers by enhancing the reward through Juneau Crime Line as well.  Crime Line may be able to add up to $1,000, in addition to other rewards.

Businesses and individuals offering rewards will benefit in other ways as well. Crime Line can apply its reward criteria policy and methods for paying rewards.  There are additional benefits from our organization’s media and web publicity, too.

Juneau Crime Line has a proven track record since 1981.  Many tips received have resulted in arrests and recovery of substantial amounts of property and the payment of rewards for information for helping solve crimes.

In addition, Juneau Crime Line through its overwhelming public response has been accepted by the Juneau Police Department as another effective tool to bring criminals to justice.

Additional information about offering rewards is available at PO Box 20141, Juneau, AK  99802.


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 Our 2018 Donation Drive Is Underway


Since 1981, Juneau Crime Line, a Juneau community non-profit service organization has dedicated its effort to help local law enforcement agencies solve crimes. Our organization relies entirely on donations to support the anonymous in rewards have been paid to people in our community who provided information regarding:


  • Heroin and other illegal drugs
  • Burglaries, Robberies, and Arson
  • Drunk Drivers
  • Graffiti and Vandalism
  • And, other crimes against persons and property


Juneau Crime Line is an all-volunteer group, so 100% of the donations go directly to support our anti-crime endeavors. Your donation of any size will make you a part of this successful community program working on your behalf. Solving crimes and removing drunk drivers from the roads increases the safety of innocent bystanders thanks to donations from businesses and individuals like you who support Juneau Crime Line.


It's all about making Juneau a safer place for everyone.



Juneau Crime Line, Inc.
P.O. Box 20141
Juneau, AK 99802

Juneau Crime Line is a qualified 501c3 non-profit corporation.
Your donation is tax deductible.



Juneau Crime Line would like to remind you that tips provided through the Crime Line website can remain anonymous. Juneau Crime Line is solely funded by donations from the community.

Juneau Crime Line encourages members of the community to assist local law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime by overcoming the two key elements that inhibit community involvement: fear and apathy.

Juneau Crime Line provides Web Tips to encourage citizens in the community to volunteer vital information helpful to law enforcement agencies to fight against crime.

Tipster can remain anonymous and are eligible to receive a cash reward if the information given leads to an arrest or grand jury indictment of a felony offender.

Juneau Crime Line relies on a volunteer board and tax deductible contributions from the public in order to operate the administration of the programs. 

Try our new Anonymous Tip Phone Line @ 907-523-7700

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